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I have a 2002 318i and a new fault has started to occur. Twice,

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I have a 2002 318i and a new fault has started to occur. Twice, recently, using cruise control at about 65 mph the car lost power and I had to pull up on the hard shoulder. The car restarted ok but after another fifty miles it did it again. I stopped using cruise control but after about 100 miles the car jerked momentarily and the battery light came on and immediately went off. This now happens about every 30-40 miles. (On one occasion that this happened two warning lights came on and stayed on as I drove but went off after I restarted the car after a stop). I feel that an intermittent fault like this will need an expert mechanic's consideration!

do any warning lights come on besides the battery light?

have any diagnostics been carried out?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
No diagnostics have been done yet. (I am a little nervous of spending a lot of money on an intermittent - probably electrical - fault when the car isn't worth much and the fault might not get rectified anyway).
When the fault shows itself, there is the very brief flash on and off of the battery light accompanied by the brief jolt (caused by loss of power). However, on just one occasion, the yellow DSC light and the yellow brake warning light came on as well as the flash of the red battery light. They came on together and they both stayed on when the DSC button was pressed. However, some miles later, the car was stopped and restarted and the lights went off as normal. Whenever I start the car no warning lights come on. The power loss which occurred when cruise control was engaged may or may not be related to this problem but it does seem a bit of a coincidence (timewise). Another fault would seem to be that on starting the car the engine often (about 30% of the time) doesn't respond to the throttle pedal and has to be stopped and restarted and it then works properly...
Do you think that the car's computer would have a record of these types of fault so that some sort of historical diagnoses could be made?

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your symptoms do not point to anything conclusively.


the potential likely causes which come to mind based upon your description are a failure of fuel delivery, a failing cam sensor, or a problem with the alternator / alternator drive


if the dsc light came on then the car's computer should have logged a fault related to this, so having the fault logs read out would be highly advisable. Ultimately, you will want to replicate the issue at a time when proper diagnostics can be carried out. this can be challenging for an intermittent issue but if you arrange to leave the car a few days and have a technician drive it home in the evenings, this is usually the best path towards tracking down an intermittent issue. A fault scan would be a good first step, though.



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