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Matt, Mechanical Engineer
Category: BMW
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I own a 320d e90 on an 07 plate, recently the turbo blew and

Customer Question

I own a 320d e90 on an 07 plate, recently the turbo blew and resulted in the engine running on its own oil, to cut a long story short the engine has had new rings fitted, a new turbo and all the valves reseated, plus con rods checked for true, a compression test has aprox 260 psi on all cylinders is this high enough and would there be any chance of the cam shafts being out of time even thow the cam sprockets have meshed back exactly where they were when the engine was stripped, ive got the injectors out and being checked by our local specialist, but am running out of ideas as the engine is still smoking (grey) and appears to be missing
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: BMW
Expert:  Matt replied 4 years ago.

I doubt that the cam timing has slipped

what tends to happen in these situations is the rods stretch enough to allow the piston to touch the tips of the injectors - in turn damaging them

so its quite possible that your injector specialist should show something up with the injector check
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Matt, I visually looked at the injectors and they don't look like they have taken a knock from a piston ? Also do you know what I would expect to see from a compression test in pressure ? I should get an answer tomorrow on the injectors and in one respect I hope your right but it will mean another strip down with time I have not got !!

Expert:  Matt replied 4 years ago.
Hello Steve

the 260 psi on all cylinders sounds a liittle low but not disatrously so ( should be about 300 psi) its more important that they're even to each other

plus injectors don't need much of a 'tap' to damage them internally