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car judders after new clutch fittted judders while driving,

Customer Question

car judders after new clutch fittted judders while driving, also on idling the car shakes abit due to misfire an and smokes at times white smoke, i want to know if the missfiring is causing the smoke and also a badly fitted clutch isit safe to drink
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: BMW
Expert:  Robert replied 4 years ago.



Hopefully i can help..


Was this initial missfiring a problem before you had the clutch installed?


Who exactly fitted the clutch and was this the full clutch assembly fitted? what was the reason for replacement etc?


Are gears inc reverse still able to be selected easily?


Any warning lights come on the intrument panel before or prior to fault? any overheating issues?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

the misfire wasn't a problem the car used to smoke when put in reverse, the cars clutch was slipping for some time and it ended up breaking to point of no drive, the clutch kit i bout 3 piece from euro car parts LUK brand, it got fitted by a garage in hornsey north west london called high speed motors, when the clutch broke it over revved and could have broken other parts with it. the car was left undriven for 2weeks thats when missfire got abit worse.i told the garage if the flywheel needs resurfacing please do it, but the job was done in one day and ever since clutch has been refitted it has been juddering heavily, i got the diagnoses done in kwik fit they said its not the missfiring thats causing the whole car to shake its the clutch. the misfire just shakes car while idling, also when in neutral and the accelerator pedal is pressed the car does feel like its shaking and doesnt rev smoothly is that due to clutch still being connected? as ive taken it to few garages and they said its the clutch fitted on wrong.

Expert:  Robert replied 4 years ago.

Hi..there thanks for your reply..


Ok..the white smoke is a bit of a concern really and would need to be investigated..usually with any white smoke from tail pipe is usually a signs water/coolant as such is managing to get into or drawn into under the induction cycle into one or several of the 6 cylinders - and thus this can in a sense cause a misfire aswell as the white smoke out the tail pipe as its burnt i would check your coolant reservoir's level just to be sure it hasn't dropped in anyway..if it has then certainly have it checked out in regards to the system pressure test or even an all 6 cylinder compression test to see which ones are at fault.usually headgasket is the main culprit...As far as the clutch goes it is fairly possible to get a bad/faulty clutch assembly it should warranted if that the certainly bear that in mind..but as you describe with the juddering its either going to be an installation fault in regards to the clutch itself how it was fitted and or incorrect bolt torq sequence to the flywheelrelease arm sticking.or as you mention and maybe what i suspect anyway is going to be the flywheel possible it may have suffered damage to the surface not only during as the clutch wore out due to excess overheating that can damage to flywheel surface but maybe too when it finally gave up.. The flywheel always has to be thoroughly checked in all cases and replaced if really need to check for any minor scoring/grooves or any visual signs of glazing or heat marks/bluing or any potential contamination fluid oil leaks from either the gearbox seal maybe getting on the surface/before putting a clutch in it a good idea to clean the surface area of the flywheel up before the new clutch was put in usually a good clean cloth.brake cleaner and wipe it down would be enough unless there are any obvious issues as I detailed above...cant see it being the clutch kit if its the proper brand type you put in..unless your in the unlucky position to get bad one "pressure plate" which is pretty rare which i mention..seen that before but not too uncommon...I say it either an installation fault clutch fitting or gearbox mounting wise/clutch hydraulic system or they have overlooked to possibility of the flywheel being damage too..And this would certainly need to be taken up with the garage concerned who fitted it initially if they guarantee their work..but first i would check or have checked out the white smoke issues as per coolant as this could be having a knock on effect as per the juddering your experiencing if the engine is currently misfiring..I do hope this helps..If you need to ask anything else or include further info then just continue before you rate