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Got a 3 series touring m sport 58 plate with manual 6 gear

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Got a 3 series touring m sport 58 plate with manual 6 gear box. First gear pops out and makes a horrific noise. Happens very often, need to ensure gear is engaged properly and release clutch slowly to avoid it popping out, very annoying. Had clutch and flywheel replaced recently and gear box oil changed at the same time. The problem with the first gear seemed to have started after that. Any clues? Is there any of these the culprit: shift fork, synchro, Detent ball and spring, bent shifter gate.. Cheers Rob


17/02/2014 17:13PM



If this only started after fitting a new flywheel / clutch then its quite possible that the installed height of the new parts is bit taller than the originals so its end loading the input shaft and pushing the 1st gear off its selector

if the gearbox was in as new condition chances are you wouldn't have noticed but as it is the wear is being taken up and moving everything aft.

I'd say double check the installed height of the new parts against the old

and if that checks out then the gearbox will need to come apart to rebuild / replace the 1st gear synchro hub detent springs and synchro cones
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hi Matt,

Thanks for the reply. Will get the flywheel checked. This appears to be a common failure on BMWs though... .loads of info on forums, however wanted an expert's opinion, hence my placing the question over here. Seem to remember my mechanic mentioning some models have some allowance and could adjust gear shifter or something else ( cannot remember) to make things better... Do you know if the E91 2008 allows to adjust?

I'm afraid that there's no adjustment of the shift mechanisim on these gearboxes

What can also help is synthetic gear oil as the manual boxes work pretty hard and BMW's policy of 'sealed for life' doens't help in this regard
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