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I have 2002 e46 I converted into lpg gas. What is a tune up.

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I have 2002 e46 I converted into lpg gas. What is a tune up. I'm suffering from high fuel consumption.

1st question

is the fuel consumption bad when its running on petrol?

or is this no longer an option?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Fuel consumption on is normal but in gas is worse than pertol

Ok if its only worse on LPG can I ask what gas injection system are you on and does its adjust the spark timing?

as LPG fuel consumption is naturally worse than petrol due to it containing less energy, even on a well setup system you'll be about 10-15% worse on fuel consumption - but then LPG is so much cheaper its still worthwhile

Without advancing the ignition timing on gas then it'll be a lot worse than petrol
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
It's only worse on gas I'm using BRC system muti point inkjectors.
Hello Foysal

OK the BRC system is just for the gas / fuel side of things

ther's no provision to adjust the spark advance with this system
so to improve the mpg you need to add a device like this