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I have a BMW 530d estate 2007. Both keys are not working.

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I have a BMW 530d estate 2007. Both keys are not working. It's not the charging of them, there must be some electrical problem with the car's mechanism.



can you please clarify exactly what is not working?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Both keys do not operate the central locking system, either to lock or unlock, except on very few random one-off occasions. Once I'm in the car the keys operate the ignition perfectly OK.

this could simply be two weak key batteries.


it could also be a problem with the remote receiver / central locking system on the vehicle


you can always check fuses as well, but this is unlikely to be fuse related.


a bmw garage has the equipment to check this quite easily so it should not be a difficult or time consuming diagnostic. more than likely you will require either a new key, or some parts replacement and/or reprogramming


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