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Re the break judder question from earlier, I have the following

Customer Question

Re the break judder question from earlier, I have the following tyres fitted to the front car driver side- Pirelli P zero 225-40-r18-88y & to the front passenger side Bridgestone Potenza 225-40-r18-88w. On the rear driver side and passenger side are Pirelli P zero 225-35-R18-90y. All tyre depths are well within legal requirements. Could the Bridgestone tyre be contributing to the break judder? And what pressures should be in the individual tyres?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: BMW
Expert:  Robert replied 4 years ago.



According to the info i have those two tyres on the front do list differant pressures - if tyres where issues then you would find the judder coming up through the column in the car and or being an issue more so at speed aswell as being monitored by the car or through its abs system the tyre pressures you may find an issue there as that how the tyre pressure monitoring system works by watching the rotational speed of the it could be something to consider maybe changing the bridgestone one for the same make you have on the car or vice versa - the pressures do list differant for both tyres you have on there as they should be both set the same - the Drivers showing with that tyre at 30psi - the passenger one showing at 33psi there is differance but not that much to maybe cause the issue you have to be honest. Your back ones should be set at 30psi.but it still would be worth getting the discs checked out all the same anyway..I do hope this helps