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Matt, Mechanical Engineer
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which bmw 3.0d engines have timing chain problem?

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which bmw 3 litre diesel engines have the timing chain problem? ie which model years?

I have read of catastrophic failures relating to chain failure but not sure if it's the same problem as on the 2 litre diesels.  I want to buy an early 730d but most have well over 100,000 miles and there are several on sale with blown engines!


the real problem engine is the N47 2.0 ltr Diesel

but your right there have been issues with the early n57 3.0 D engine too

this was fitted to the 2008 -2012 730d
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks Matt Are you saying that the pre-2008 engines are ok generally?



Hello Christopher

they do seem not to have this timing chain issue

one thing to watch though is a General Warning about Automatic Transmissions: Many BMWs have "sealed for life" automatic transmissions. Regardless of whether you have a full BMW service history, the dealer will never change the auto fluid. Many of these boxes are failing around the 120-150k mark - often well outside of warranty and to a cost of £3.5k plus VAT. A good independent or automatic transmission specialist can and will change the fluid for you (and any good BMW independents will recommend this anyway). This is commonplace in the US and means the 'box should last the life of the car rather than being the cause of it being written off. General advice is ensure the fluid is flushed out every 60k or more preferably at each Inspection II.

also there have been instances on this engine where the varable intake flaps break up and are swallowed by the engine so walk away if there are any rattling noises from the intake
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