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I have a bmw 320I m sport convertible (hard type roof) E93. It

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I have a bmw 320I m sport convertible (hard type roof) E93.
It has not been used much over the winter, and stands outside. Recently the battery had discharged so I left it on trickle for a few days then took it for a run and all seemed ok. Today took it to the local hand wash lads for a spring clean. After the jet wash and clean
I wanted to lower the roof to gain access to the bits you can't get too and with the engine running in park and the hand brake on only the Windows go down, the front roof catches release and the hinge in the centre of the roof separates a little.
The tray in the boot in locked in the correct position and the boot is fully closed.
The warning beeper sounds and a red roof shows on the dash.
If you hold the switch in the other direction it all locks up again and the Windows return.
ANY IDEAS PLEASE. The manual is not any help.



what faults are logged in the car's fault memory?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hello Steve, I have now sorted the problem for my-self. I thought that the problem may have been caused by water from the pressure washer getting into one of the micro switches so I got out the WD40 and a good torch and applied a touch to everything that had wires going to it.

I was just about to close the boot lid when I noticed a piece of black plastic similar to a walking stick rubber but a lot smaller on the boot floor. On further investigation I found another one fitted to the boot lid. There is one on each side of the boot lid. They must be plungers that must tell the ECU if the boot lid is closed. The one I found on the floor just pushes back onto the spindle of the switch.

I then started the car and all worked well, as before.

When I later opened the boot to put my WD back in the house the plunger had come off again and was stuck on the plate that pushes it up when closed, on closer inspection I noticed that the plate, which is a retainer for the boot trim had become loose which must have caused the plastic plunger to be compressed very tightly and stick to it. Now that the plate is screwed fully home this should not happen again.

Thanks for getting back to me anyway.


Glad you got it sorted.
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