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While driving the engine occasionally gives a cough then keeps

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While driving the engine occasionally gives a cough then keeps going



Hopefully i can help..


What sort of mileage does it have,what its service history like?


You say coughs/splutters etc does this continue or just clear and the engine runs fine?


Any testing done on the car bar just test drives?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
It has been regularly serviced
Has had a new (reconditioned) engine installed and has done approx 60,000 miles since In total about 185,000.

The stutter or jolt does not continue and the engine runs fine thereafter, but is a cause of concern as on one occasion the engine seemed to stall.

I don't know if I caused that by panicking because I was on the M5 and pulled on to the hard shoulder. The engine restarted with no bother.
Mechanic found nothing said it was as sweet as a nut! I don't know if he actually looked very hard so probably not (it was in to do brake discs, so not his priority)

Hi..there sorry for the delay..


Probably one of the areas that maybe worth checking out is the fuel supply side of that fuel pressure test or even fuel filter change before which might be something to consider..sometimes fuel pumps on these can on occassion start to give out intermittent and cause occassional problems like that until it fails completely and you cant start the car at all..the pump will be under the black hatch in the boot under the carpet..saloon type car..So i would maybe check there first provided there arent any warnings as such appear on the dash prior or after then it would check on that above..I do hope this helps

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