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Robert, BMW Technician
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Hi I have a 59 plate 320d and clutch and duel mass fly wheel

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Hi I have a 59 plate 320d and clutch and duel mass fly wheel have been replaced as the clutch pedal was pumping , the engine sounds like the bottom end is thumping and the clutch pedal is still pumping , I've had the injectors removed and checked , the mechanic say,s the only thing that could be the answer to the drumming noise is the engine is damaged ( the bottom end has gone ) . I really don't think this is the case as the car has 100000 miles and bmw's are bullit proof and not what you expect from bmw's . Any ideas



Hopefully i can help..


You say clutch pedal is pump? On its own or when/during depressing its felt?


Does this thumping noise coincide with the pedal pumping/pulsing?


Does it get worse as you rev up or thumping even out?


What other checks where made bar just the flywheel/clutch change?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
The pedal pumps during depressing . The thumping does coincide with the pumping . It does get worse when it's revved . The only other check was the injectors . Which were special ones with crystals it
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hi Robert . Yes the peddle pumps when I apply a small amount of pressure . The thumping noise does co inside with the pedal pumping. It does get worse when I rev it it also gets louder , the only other check the mechanic carried out was to check bar the new clutch and fly wheel was to remove the injectors and have them tested at a specialist place as the contain crystals

Hi..there sorry for the delay..


Ok..I couldnt see it being the injectors causing this problem especially as far the clutch pedal goes,injectors would usually cause running issues/missfiring general performance issues as far as the engine goes..the problem going by your description would relate to most likely missalignment or something with slight run out causing that thumping/pulse sensation to travel up the pedal a bit like a warped brake disc if thats what it feels like..obviously of course things like transmisson/engine mounts would be something to include during checks..seeing as the i asume the whole assembly clutch has been changed including flywheel as long as that beeen fitted correctly,everything seated possible it could be bottom end trouble.maybe slight run out on the crank flange could cause that that the flywheel mounts to..only way to tell would be to run a dial guage to see if that the case obviously this would mean strip down again to check that

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank Robert if it is the crank can it be repaired I ask this as I've priced a new engine and I'm looking at £ 2000 approx , if this can't be repaired I can't see the point in spending more money on it as I've only had the car since December and only done 2300 mile in it



No crank has to be replaced..the flange is cast to the crank which the flywheel is bolted too..Thats why it would be worth at least checking the mountings first carefully..

.Im not sure during clutch installment the release lever was checked..obviously the throwout bearing would be replaced along with the new flywheel/clutch i say the only things that could case a pulse through the clutch pedal or felt through a physical problem with either clutch/flywheel running out of alignment..Without feeling for myself..i would prob advise a second opinion on it..if no of a good local independant bmw specialist it might be worth giving ago.and would either way verify the fault and which step you feel you want to take next..before shelling out that sort of money on another engine..I do hope this helps
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