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Hi I have a 520d touring 2012 55k miles , Ive had it serviced

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I have a 520d touring 2012 55k miles , I've had it serviced at main dealer ,I have replaced rear rear brake pads twice and just now front pads and discs
I feel at huge cost and can't help think I have been done
Any advice on what the problem is?



Hopefully i can help..


What sort of issue or problem are you experiancing here with the braking system ?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.


I have had no problems with braking, but main dealer explained that this is not unuasual that pads and discs wear, I cannot understand why and do not drive hard its an Auto,Whatever about pads the discs were last straw

Thanks in advance


Hi..there..thanks for your reply..


Ok..Yes i see what you mean now..that is indeed quite a common situation with those cars BMW F10 series onwards..Im not so sure on the discs though as it not a common to replace those so early unless the surface area is effected as such ie: corrosion ..or the minimum thickness is exceeded.that's generally only reason the discs/pads are replaced as per during service which they are inspected..the rear pads are very common for wearing faster then the front its not unknown for them to that as the pads itself is smaller pad/softer this in turn with the way the cars set up/programmed through stabilisation/traction/stability control of the car by using braking with one of the back brakes for adjusting driving stability all the time,so the back brakes wear faster a swell as such too if you do allot local driving, they generally engineered the car to use the rear brakes more than the front to bring the car to a stop .... by a way of using the rear brakes more than the front, the car comes to a 'smoother' stop..hence the increased wear factor on the back..I do hope this helps..If you need to ask anything else or include anything further then just continue before you rate..

Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Yes I understand the system but 55k miles on the 3rd set of rear pads and 2nd set of fornt pads and disc? I do motorway driving all the time?

I am at a loss at the cost and think there must be something wrong?

Hi..there thanks for your reply..


Yes.I understand the costing isnt cheap on these especially so via the dealer.unless you find a good independant who has the required diagnostic equipement to work on the rear calipers/handbrake system being equipped with an electromechanical parking brake integrated in the brake calliper .it possible there could be problem with DSC "dynamic stability control system" only bmw through diagnostic testing would verifiy at fault/software issue... in a sense this does alot of minute braking even at taking off/driving/cornering as like i say its not surprising and well known for these to eat pads and generally not a problem in itself ..I do hope this helps further

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