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Belt has come off tangled around the fan, also there is water

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Belt has come off tangled around the fan, also there is water leaking,

Im thinking it could be the water pump?

How does a water pump last for, it was last changed on 2013 now it needs replacing.



Hopefully i can help..


Normally a water pump can last a long time..usually any car will at somepoint require a replacement especially so if the timing belt drives it - but once its done thats it really "depending" on the quality of pump you put on..obviously yours will be driven by the auxillary belt and the mechanical side of the pumps on these cars/engines are normally quite reliable and very rarely fail unless the pump gasket goes which is more common - that gasket sits between the pump and the engine..what you need to find out is where this leak is currently coming from and ensure the belt that has flew off hasnt damaged the radiator fins/or pipe work around the front area to the water pump to cause a leak..The belt should of been replaced at the same time during the pump change so certainly check up on that..aswell as that too you will need to inspect each pulleyby hand that belt drives that shows signs of play or movement/wobble etc..or any that may have siezed in place causing the belt to jump off or slip off..if the belt has shredded..then its possible you either have a fault pulley as suggested above/tensioner or one of those pulleys running out of alignment which inturn causes the belt to run out of line and wear down one side until eventually failing..all that has to be checked out to ensure the problem doesnt happen again..I do hope this helps

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

what caused the belt to jump off or slip off tangled in fan

Hi..there thanks for your reply..


Ok..if the belt is still in good condition and has not snapped..then as previously mentioned either a pulley has failed "fallen off" or one of the pulleys the belt runs over and or under has alot of play in it to cause the belt to run out alignment and work it self off so certainly inspect the water pump pulley carefully..these as far as recall have automatic tensioners for the those would need to be checked too...I do hope this helps