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Robert, BMW Technician
Category: BMW
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Hi I have a 318 se x reg. When I start car in morning there

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Hi I have a 318 se x reg. When I start car in morning there is a loud ticking noise, after a few miles it fades once it warms up. People think im driving a diesel but its petrol. Is there anything I can do without getting ripped off by a garage. Thanks



Hopefully i can help..


Do you know exactly where this noise seems to come from or area roughly on the engine?


What its mileage and recent service/repair history?



Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi noise is coming from drivers side of engine. Its done 120k. Recently had oil change. Had inspection 1 service in January. No real problems with it

Hi..thanks for your reply..


Ok..firstly ensure the exhaust manifold/gasket is leaking,the manifold is down at the very left hand side of the engine block/drivers side as you look into the engine bay..sometimes this can show up for a short while/ticking noise if there is a small leak and once the manifolds heats up and expands closes the leak.only ever check that when the engine is cold to feel for any escaping gases or signs of carbon deposits where the leak is exiting from.that one possible fualt..also check the sparkplugs arent loose.epsecially so if an service was done on it recently..just make sure they are fully tight..also ensure your oil level is indeed at the correct level when cold..if not then low oil can effect the top end and cause top end noise - one fairly common issue with these engines is due to failing hydraulic tappets these often manifest as loud ticking at cold and then as the engine temp rise the ticking noise lessens but is always still there at throttle..going by your description it looking very possible that most likely the problem if all else as above has been ruled can sort of check this yourself by getting a automotive stethoscope or long screwdriver hold it to your ear and place it on the rocker cover at each point as per cylinder to listen for which lifters/tappets on what cylinder are at fault.if it is? - it is possible to replace those without head removal..but would require the correct tools for the job and experiance..sometimes using a thicker grade oil can help reduce it especially so if the engine has high mileage.where clearances might be something to consider too..but going by your description without hearing for my self it suspect it possible you have bad/wearing hydraulic lifter/tappet..I do hope this helps

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