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I have a 520i it keeps over heating even though the temp/gauge

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I have a 520i it keeps over heating even though the temp/gauge is on the half way mark. If you stand facing the engine there is a large black hose from engine to radiator and at that join there is a lot of steam coming out ??? could this be the thurmostate ?



Hopefully i can help..


The top coolant hose from the engine to top port on the radiator comes from the thermostat housing on the front of the engine..if you follow it back you'll see the housing..if there is steam coming from the joint or joints where it connects too either at the radiator/or to the thermostat housing then check the hose for splits or damage at the plastic connections..i recall too a small bleeder screw on the hose so check that too is tight..dont over tight just check its not shouldnt have any sort of steam from any coolant pipe if you do then it means there is leak there..and needs to be dealt with wither that be removing the hose and inspect or to replace..if thats the case then it might be beneficial to whilst that hose is getting replaced to change out the thermostat anyway and re- add the proper 50/50 mix coolant/water and rebleed the system again and see how that goes..I do hope this helps..if you need to ask anything else or include anything further then just continue before you rate

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Hi..there... Thats fine..and many thanks for your rating..


I have closed you other request should you need to ask anything else then just continue on this single question only after this of luck Robert