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Mike, BMW Technician
Category: BMW
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my five series bmw diesel car stars but will not run for more

Customer Question

my five series bmw diesel car stars but will not run for more than two minutes and then cuts out it stars every time no problem but wont run
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: BMW
Expert:  Mike replied 3 years ago.
Hello and Welcome..

My name is ***** ***** Im happy to help / advise...

Can I just ask - when it cuts out - what you have checked so far? ( other than the above )...

Too - have you done any plug in checks at all?

Please also give me its Full reg number -

Rgds, MIKE........................................

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

hi mike my reg is t 276 uup had a dianogistic put on my car it came up with no faults after I done the filter and pipes had the dianogistic put on again no faults codes came back at all

Expert:  Mike replied 3 years ago.
Hi there Stanley -

First - my sincere apologies for the delay - Im sorry I was off yesterday...

Ok - of course there is more than one thing that could be wrong / that can cause this - but there is a known issue with this model so much so that BMW issued a TSB / fix bulletin for this - so I will give it to you in case this is whats wrong - if it is it will save a lot of time --

So the TSB is as follows - check it out - check it against the car and let me know how you get on..

  • Failure to start.
  • Engine will not crank.
  • Transmission range (TR) display on instrument panel faulty.
  • Alternator warning lamp flickers.
  • Fuse No.15 or No.30 blown.
  • Faulty engine oil level switch.
  • Replace blown fuse (7,5A).
  • Attempt to start engine.
  • If fuse blows again, disconnect engine oil level switch.
  • Replace blown fuse.
  • Attempt to start engine.
  • If engine starts and transmission range displayed on instrument panel, fit new engine oil level switch.


This at least has to be checked out -

Im very pleased to have helped you -let me know if you need anything more -

** **>>Meantime -- - - >> Please do click on the "OK/ Excellent ratings" for me - Thank you in advance for that...

You can and are most welcome to get back to me anytime you might need - clicking the OK ratings does not close you out at all..

Kind Rgds, MIKE.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

hi mike had both fuses checked they were ok,alternator no light flickering

transmission on dash is working fine just waiting to have oil sensor fitted that reason i have been so long answering your email i have found something very confusing when i leave my car parked all day i check the oil and the dipstick is dry when i pull it out of its tube i put it back in then it comes out reading full is this normal on my bmw

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

sent you a email explaining what the delay is with your rating waiting for oil level senser to be fitted also when my car is parked all day i check the oil level the dipstick comes out dry nothing on the stick i dip the oil again and it shows full this has happened twice now can you tell me why it shows empty then when it is checked again it shows full would be grateful for a answer to this thanks stan

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

hi mike tried everything you have suggested motor starts up runs for at least two miles then still cuts out it starts up first time goes another couple of miles stops again that is why i cant give you a rating not yet because i still have the same problem i cannot understand why it is doing this as i said it starts first time after it cuts out hope you can hlp me with this problem as i am getting worried about using the car.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

checked everything you said to check still got the same problem starts up first time goes about two miles then stops turns the key starts up first turn of the key goes another couple miles stops again hope you resolve this problem as getting worried about using the car.

Expert:  Mike replied 3 years ago.
Hello again Stanley -

Im sorry - for some reason - I have not been receiving your replies - I have them now..4 in a row.. So Im sorry, I wasn't ignoring you -there must have been some system glitch there Im afraid..

Ok so - please update me... Did you have a new oil transmitter fitted or not?

Rgds - MIKE...................................

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

no did not have new oil transmitter fitted is that the same as a oil level

sensor switch will this switch cause the car to go couple miles and then stop if so I can get a new one fitted