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I have a high pitched whining noise coming from engine on bmw118d

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I have a high pitched whining noise coming from engine on bmw118d 2007. When I accellerate the noise gets louder. The car drives fine and have no warning lights come on and no black smoke from exhaust. Is it safe to drive.?


Hopefully i can help..

Has this been issue for sometime or one that suddenly occurred?

Whats its mileage? and recent service/repair history?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

recently occured, mielage is 79,000. only recently bought car so not sure about history. although light has come on for service.

Hi..there thanks for your responce..

Ok..Firslty you will need to guage exactly where on the engine this noise seems to occur from..normally checks would need to be made to assesories driven off the auxiallary belt to ensure the noise isnt from one of these whether it be the alternator/air con compressor/ belt tensioner and such check is the oil level to ensure its at the correct level..this means any low oil or starvation/oil quaility can have an adverse effect on the turbo unit..and thus poor oil delivery to that can cause premature wear to the vane shaft bearings and cause the turbo to whine as such during acceleration..this means the shaft inside the turbo has excess check that you need to remove the intake side from the turbo to see the vane/shaft inside..and then try moving the shaft inside with your fingers..will be very minute play which is expected..but anything excessive and sports oil pooling below that would suggest the turbo has gone and would require replcement..this isnt really uncommon on these engines and normally a good service history/oil filter changes can prevent in the mean time it should be ok to drive but i wouldnt advise leaving this too long as you could run the risk of the turbo breaking down completely ingesting oil and thus the engine will just run on and consume all oil destroying the as above have those areas checked out anyway..but as you describe i would probably say the turbo unit is most likely at fault is the source of the noise as you describe..i do hope this helps

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