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Robert, BMW Technician
Category: BMW
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Experience:  Fully qualified 19+yrs exp/self employed technician in the UK
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hi i have a 318ci coupe a coupe of weeks ago i started to

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hi i have a 318ci coupe a coupe of weeks ago i started to smell burning oil , the an inline coil gave up , then was ok now its started to miss ,or not rev after sitting at lights on tick over for a few mins , and the smell of oil has started when blower is on , , had a look under bonnet , dipped oil a little low , seen a little oil on rear left of engine on looks lie heat sheild just below back spark plug , is it the rocker gasket or more serious


Hopefully i can help..

Nomally its the rocker cover gasket that causes oil smells to enter the cabin via the pollen filter which is directly in the centre of the scuttle area and just above the rear part of the engine...its quite common fail point on these engines..seeing as you have seen the leak at the rear side of the engine and that coil was replaced

i would also inspect to ensure the sparkplugs or the ends of the coils arent contamintated with engine oil and causing the issue you have in regards ***** ***** missfire..if thats the case the plugs/ends of the coils are covered in oil then the problem will be with the sparkplug tubes - this is what the sparkplug/end of the coil sits in or surrounds it in the cylinder head they have o ring top and as above the external leak is most likely the rocker gasket .but makes checks to the splugs again/coils "all" unless you do have an engine warning light to scan the vehicle for codes if the fault lays elsewhere..i do hope this helps
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

great i am getting no warning lights or fault codes , so it should just be the rocker gasket , but why does the engine only miss at traffic lights & such and not when i am in motion . its quite hard to get revs up after about 3 mins of tickover at say traffic light


If the leak is seen to be coming down form the rocker cover gasket seem then yes..its just the gasket at fault..the coils have to come out anyway to that /not the sparkplugs but the tube in which the spraks sit or even take them out should be checked for oil as any oil forming around the sparkplug and the end of the ignition coils can cause the voltage from the coil to arc and thus damage the coil/cause a missfiring fault..I would asume they replaced the sparkplugs during the coil change - on the other hand if all the above is ok..then they can perform a compression test and ensure that all cylinders are even..if ok..then perform a balance test on the engine as per injectors.this must be done quickly to ensure the cat doesnt get damaged..they need to simply disconnect each one in turn. When it gets worse you know that was a good one. When there is no change in engine speed or lumpiness then you have found it - If it is always there at idle but goes away when revved, then it possible it be an injector problem..but start of with basics above first.dpending on the nature of the missfire then sometimes it can do that and even out at high revs until the engine back at idle..I do hope this helps helps further

Robert and other BMW Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thanks robert , ordered gasket £14 on ebay good news all round

regards bob


Great stuff..if your doing this yourself ensure the mating surfaces on both the head surface and the cover are clean before the new gasket is put on..also ensure the sparks/coils ends are checked..once everything is fitted clean area with brake cleaner and leave to dry to get rid of the oil thats leaked out..