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I have a 320i ES (2006) When I am driving normally the taction

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I have a 320i ES (2006) When I am driving normally the taction control keeps kicking in with a flashing yellow light on the dash. Any ideas?


Hopefully i can help..

Have you had any work done on the car of recently since this occurred? ie: - Tyre replacement / Suspension,Brake work carried out?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No nothing at all. Somebody smashed the passenger side window but that should nit affect the DTC.

Now the display incicated I have a flat tyre which I don't. All seems a bit strange.

Hi..there thanks for your reply..

The traction control system actually monitors each wheel in turn via the same sensor/pulse target ring on each hub the ABS system uses..this is also how the tyre pressure monitoring system works too by monitoring the rotational speed of each wheel to calculate wether a tyre is flat or psi is low..Sometimes even after a tyre change or the tyre size isnt for that particular car can have knock on effect with the traction control too..Normally the best thing to check is to ensure each tryre size is correct/and check each wheel isnt indeed low on air - The next check unfortunatly requires visual inspections of the abs sensors/wiring and pulse target rings for corrosion/cracking causing the problems you have - The next stage after that is diagnostic scan of the system to see what codes it logged and or live data test "the car plugged into a suitable scan tool and the car drivin" to monitor the system and where the fault is..Its quite probable you may have fault sensor on one of the wheels but only a good careful inspection or even scan done would verify as above that about the best advice or routine or way forward to get any further on and rectify the fault..I do hope this helps

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