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had solution put in my 2003 3 series bmw engine light was on

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had solution put in my 2003 3 series bmw engine light was on mechanic said it was due to using car on short runs and had to do with omissions have had this procedure done twice engine sounds smoother but light still remains on in dash yellow needs to be inspected on fri is there any way of me reseting light on dash


Hopefully i can help..

Do you know what fault codes he got or was stored in the ecu when he diagnosed the car?

How often does the car get used ie: mileage etc

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

don't know about codes its my daughters car and its a lot of city driving she does app 20miles a day 89,000 on clock mechanic said car has to be driven on open roads every now and again but was wondering how long this will take to clear light still on dash that was two weeks ago since with mechanic can light be turned off on dash manually or does it have to be reset by diagnostics, engine wish he said was perfect regularly serviced so was just wondering why light still on


Just one other thing to clarify - Is the 316 Diesel or just the Petrol 316?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Hi..there thanks for that..

Ok..I think your mechanic maybe getting mixed up with the Petrol and Diesels..Normally diesels in particular need that - a good blast down a motorway to prevent soot build up or DPF troubles if they are seldom used on long commuting and just used on town duties - However being a Petrol and givin that it used 20miles a day - i certainly dont see why giving it a run like that would help in fact it could make the problem worse if its overfuelling and damage the cat converter..and as you have found it hasnt helped.. On very few occassions petrols need that if been left sitting for a while or the car does very few miles during a week where the sensors.lambda probes get covered in soot in turn messing up emissions as the sensor end goes coaked in soot that doesnt get burnt off under normal operating temps as far as the exhaust system goes where the lambda sensors are located....I note you do say the mechanic thinks its emission related.well considering what faults codes he got it quite possible,but not knowing what codes he got before deleting them it difficult to say to b honest as there a thousands of possible fault codes - Running a emission test on it it may could be just a faulty Lambda sensor running out of spec and thus the ecu might be picking up on that..thats the only reason why the engine light will sat on is because it still see a fault on the engine or emission control side and will only go out once the faults been rectified...the best advise id say would be seek someone else who maybe willing to get to the route cause...In regards ***** ***** it off yourself..sometimes disconnecting the battery can work for about 15min..but normally its has to be done through the diagnostic machine..but then even though if you did get the light out ..considering the fault is still there the light will just come back on each time the cars used..But as above you really nned to get someone to find out what these codes are and what the ecu is telling us that needing checked out..thats about the only forward to at least try and get this fault sorted out..I do hope this helps

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