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I have a BMW 530d 2003 model. The i drive screen has gone blank

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I have a BMW 530d 2003 model. The i drive screen has gone blank and been that way for a few weeks. I am told that replacement is quite expensive. Do the drives go or can they be reset?
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Usually this is caused by component failure in the idrive system. Sometimes the main drive, sometimes the power supply module, sometimes another module (eg: phone/bluetooth, etc)
You can try resetting the system by unhooking the car battery for an hour, and you can also check ALL fuses if you have not, but more than likely you will require some kind of parts replacement to rectify this.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks Steve

Do independent garages fix this problem or is it best to go to a main dealer? Also what in your opinion is the worst case scenario in terms of cost. I have to weigh up what the car is worth against this cost given the age of the car.

Many thanks


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Worst case would be around £2000.

You need to use a main dealer or bmw specialist for this, a general garage can't resolve this.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

BMW specialist has told me that they can take out the unit and have it reconditioned, total cost £300 to £400.

Does that sound a possible option?

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if they have diagnosed the proper failure, and can source a proper reconditioning shop, then yes.

you asked for worst case, and this is around £2000 as I stated.

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