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Series3 320i touring, what consumption of oil can one expect

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Series3 320i touring, what consumption of oil can one expect after 100000 miles example 1lt per 1000 miles


What weight oil are using in the engine at the moment?

Has there been any issues or any blue smoke from the back end/tail pipe?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Changed from 30 to 40 castrol. No smoke


These engines in these cars are pretty well known for oil usage - normally it quite acceptable to see usage around 1litre to every 1000miles - the fact that yours is burning it heavily within a litre to 400miles certainly doesnt sound good in fact that's seriously bad - and quite surprised to read you dont get any tell blue smoke at all even at startup or under heavy load/throttle..if it was burning that much you would without a doubt get at least some sort of blue smoke...if its burning that much then the emissions test would be somewhat high or fail..have they done that yet.... i note you have done/checked the breathers/ccv/oil sperator valve - have you actually 100% sure there are no leaks on the engine itself..especially around the rocker cover/oil filter housing can be areas that are common for leaks...but like i say above these engines can be problamatic for oil usage and results around the incomplete and or improper break-in of the engines when synthetic is used exclusively during the break-in period...Obviously the routes to solving this is as you mention in regards ***** ***** rebuild - replacing the rings/oil rings/valve stems/seats etc..but is is a hugely expensive task but it would likely solve the problem to some degree considering the cylinder walls could be suspect - sometimes it might be even less expensive to just put in another engine short block and just transfer all the ancillaries over from the old engine to the new...or use a slightly heavier weight oil to help reduce the consumption and live with it...these are about the 3 options open to be honest..

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

We agree in general with your observation , however having checked by draining down after 400miles we found only 2.5lts this from the max position. As concerns a rebuild my engineer has quoted £1000 plus vat so this would be ok for me , but I question why this should collapse from 1200per/lt I take your point about breaking in will let you know what we fin my tel/no *********** thanks. Bill Cox