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buying a 325i 2011 model with 15K mileage. A bit nervous as

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buying a 325i 2011 model with 15K mileage. A bit nervous as I have not had any AA or RAC checks done . Buying from a dealer with 14 month warranty in the deal. I checked out with BMW the last service details so that side looks good. Anything I should be aware of?

with that age and milage and warranty, there is nothing to look out for except tyre wear, no other issues can develop in such short milage.

if I were buying, I would still invest in a proper pre purcahse inspection by a BMW speciailst, though

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Steve

Thanks for that info.

to be honest I am meant to be picking up the car tomorrow as I have paid the deposit. Do you think I should take it to a BMW specialist and get it check out ( OK , this is after the purchase) but at least I have the warranty as well as 3 months parts and labour from the dealer themselves.

Worst case I could return it asap if the BMW specialist finds out anything drastic?

By the way it is a hard top convertible, one lady owner and I did checked with BMW for the last service recorded which matches whats in the book



if you have paid the deposit and are picking up the vehicle tomorrow, it is too late to watch out for anything - the sale will be final, so having it checked out will only provide peace of mind or possibly find things to be corrected under warranty, which can be corrected or found at any time during the warranty

the real value of a pre purchase inspection is to steer you clear of a bad purchase, but it appears to late for this.

as I said, there are unlikely to be any issues to worry about with age/mileage/warranty

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