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my bmw 318i 04 reg is leaking oil on the metal area under the

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my bmw 318i 04 reg is leaking oil on the metal area under the filler cap plastic area - I just bought it and don't want to drive it until its repaired what it could be, engine rocks a bit too much when starting, but pull power compression seems ok - valves seals?
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It could simply be a bad oil cap or somebody having spilled oil when filling oil
If not, most likely it is the valve cover gasket leaking.
Valve seals do not cause an external oil leak, it cannot be that.
You will need to trace the source definitively by cleaning the engine and driving a short distance to see where the oil re emerges from. If this proves difficult then dye should be added to the oil as a next step
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

ok, what about the radiator fan not spinning when idling is that normal...then I'll give positive

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The fan only runs when needed tengine hot)
Please do not forget to CLICK ON a positive rating.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks, ***** ***** white/blue smoke coming from exaust seems oil getting into exaust manifold, finally how much would a proper piston ring, valve, engine check and replacement cost - average?

The cost to do rings and pistons is more than a 2nd hand engine, several grand. It is rare to actually rebuild an engine on a bmw of this vintage. They are replaced second hand typically.