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bmw series one first reg 2004 mileage 38000 average yearly

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bmw series one first reg 2004 mileage 38000 average yearly mileage 3500 DTC kept coming on holding the button down stopped it for a while and there was nop noise with the transmission, garage informs me that drive shafts are worn???????
I am 88 years of age and a very experienced driver. Any advise please


In regards ***** ***** driveshafts..are they saying both need done or worn?

Do you hear the said noise when turning full lock or just near full lock etc?

Any other warnings apart from the dynamic traction control warning?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Yes both
No noise on full lock
No other warning


Sometimes a worn outer cv can cause this becuase the outer cv has the target ring in which the abs sensor monitors and the dynamic traction control actually works through the abs system thats how it works...i generally couldnt see both driveshafts being the issue here,especially so being such low mileage,seldom used..but obviously i cant see the shafts for my self..but it would be pretty strange to have both go at the same time without any noitcable issue or knocking as such coming from them..if there is indeed alot of play movement in the cv joint then its possible...but personally speaking id get a second visual opinion on this to be honest, maybe try this site.... - as the shafts for these arent cheap..maybe get someone to diagnose the abs system for fault codes to see if a sensor is dropping out.reinspect those target rings on the outer cv joints.sometimes with dtc faults it can be a simple abs sensor..or the hydraulic block/control abs module can cause this...

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