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There, i have a problem with 3 warning lights coming on

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hi there, i have a problem with 3 warning lights coming on in my 2004 x 3 abs, 4x4 and brake light please advise
regards gordon


I will provide an honest answer. I trust this will be appreciated. Please remember that a low rating PUNISHES me for being honest and that I receive nothing for my time until a positive rating is clicked.

When these warning lights come on together, it indicates a fault within the ABS / traction control system on the car. These lights are not specific and are only intended to inform the driver that a fault is present. There are MANY possible causes for these generic warnings as they are not intended to be specific or aid in trouble shooting / diagnostics in any way.

With that said, there are two very common things that cause these lights to come on together, a faulty wheel speed sensor or a failure within the ABS / traction control module itself. It can also sometimes be caused by a failing alternator or a different sensor as well, but these are less common.

The good news is that when these lights come on, the car’s computer logs a specific record of the problem. As such, you will need to have the fault memory read from the vehicle to determine exactly what your underlying issue is. If a wheel speed sensor is determined to be the problem, then you will need to replace that sensor (about $150).

If the module is determined to be the problem, then the module itself will need to be replaced or sent out to be fixed. Two good places that fix these are Module Masters and BBA Reman. You can find both on google. They charge about $300 to repair one of these modules. Replacing the module with a new one will cost around $1000, so sending yours out to be rebuilt is the best option should the module turn out to be the failed component.

Again, you will need to have the fault memory read from the vehicle to confirm 100%, but chances are the problem is either a wheel speed sensor or the abs/traction control module. It is possible that it could be a different sensor or communication / wiring / alternator issue as I mentioned, but the wheel speed sensors are most common to fail – reading the fault memory will verify if it does happen to be an uncommon sensor failure.

Please be sure to drive carefully as you do not have ABS or traction control functionality on your vehicle if these lights are on.

Please let me know if you have further questions. Please do not forget to click a positive rating as this is the only way I receive credit for my answer, thank you. Best wishes with your vehicle.

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