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Started having boost issues with my 2005 320d,started with

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Started having boost issues with my 2005 320d,started with a slight hesitation but gradually turned in to not pulling at 1 1/5 -2000 revs like it was stuck at the same speed unless I dropped a gear,when it did kick in it was like back to the future.
Took it to my local indi now specialist who said it was the turbo actuator,which from what I've read can't be changed so it would be s new turbo.
I asked them to do the work,eventually when I picked up the car I took it out for a long drive,I could feel more power bit was sure I could still feel the hesitation? I gave them the benefit of the doubt and used the car for three more days until I was sure it was still doing the loss of power,on the third day I also heard a knocking and tapping on acceleration.
I took I back and said it was still loosing power and left it with him to check.faults on computer turbo actuator?again? He then tells me they priced up for a wrong turbo so had to git a reconditioned turbo(not agreed) and would fit a new one. I am waiting to get cat in on sat but the knocking has got worse! Knocks when I accelerate then at about 1.5-2000 revs you don't here it,either because it stops or because the engine drowns it out. Is my car safe to drive? They said it was but now I'm worried?

Yes if the turbo has an electronic actuator instead of the older vacuum..then if electronic then yes the complete turbo requires replacement..unless you can find a repair company who can repair the actuator which there is -

If they ordered the wrong turbo then they dont sound like a specialist to me if they are in far as the knocking goes then no id say it wouldnt be at all safe to drive to be honest..if like you say the knocking is quite loud then you obviosly have a major issue there..that needs addressed.. however it would be hard to say for sure over the web..but the usual places to check on these is could be failing and thus overfueling/causing knocking sound..they need to check for that..of course to for mechanical issues..oil pressure / oil condition,level.dilution in fuel? possible injector issue / is oil getting to the top end / inlet manifold - swirl flaps checked out................
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yeah,from what I have read on bmw sites all points to same areas,the problem I have is that before I took it to them I just had the boost issue,now I have that and the knocking and if they do the turbo and it's still there they will want nothing to do with it?
Also I don't trust them as far as I can throw them as they have already tried to have me over on first turbo,fitting a recon and not telling me,I was asked for a new turbo. Is there any way I can get there work checked to make sur they haven't bodged it again? I thought about speaking g to the AA?

Doubt the AA would be much help but its entirely your choice.. what you need is proper specialist who deals with BMW in your area who knows and no doubt done the same job as most of us have at some point on the engines being a fairly common issue on the 320d as far as turbo/injector issues go... the last resort based on costs but probably the best place to go is BMW itself and they'd obviously go over pretty much everything and then supply you with their findings..then the garage concerned wouldnt have leg to stand on if the fault or knocking is a contributery factor maybe caused by the work you had done...but id say look around for a proper specialist with reviews form other people then see what they find... but as for reconditioned units these are ok to a point if you source it from reputable supplier who will offer a warranty on it if something does go wrong with it mechanically..but they likely wont warrant improper fitting or an underlaying issue regardling supply and return oil issues to the turbo to cause it to fail...
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