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I have a 2003 bmw 318 ci and a light has come on it looks

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Hi i have a 2003 bmw 318 ci and a light has come on it looks like an engine and has to do with emmisions. what does it mean

The engine light is basically your engine management system - warning that an issue has been detected on the engine either a sensor/ecu monitored/wiring can also be due to emissions issue..but emissions issues can also be a factor with an issue on the engine ie: ignition - fuel/air imbalance fault,faulty cat converter - can also be die to low fuel/loose fuel cap so check that isnt and problem there - Normally in any givin situation as you have there..the car would need to be scanned be certain of exactly what issue your dealing with and the progress with a fix..pretty much any garage should be able to that for you once you have those fault codes then you'll be in a better position knowing what needs to be done/checked/investigated as such...I do hope this helps
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Before the light came on I had put in engine oil and hadnt replaced the cap properly. The light came on some time after that .I have the cap on properly now .could that have made the light come on


The Oil Cap - normally it shouldnt but it may have cause an initial fault or been picked up as fault with the PCV/Vacuum system so it possible that the reason for the those warning coming up - if the cap has been securely long as you havent over filled? - Same with a fault fuel cap loose causing evap fault - it should reset itself after a few cycles on the ignition..there's two choices open..either disconnect the negative terminal on the main battery and leave it off for about 15minutes..then reattach it and see if that helps reset the system..if not then we need to know what the fault codes are..clear them and then re-test drive the car and see if the same fault crops up..if not then fine just leave it at that..if it does then depending on the type of fault and fault codes then you can progress on further checks to sort it out..

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