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Customer Question

hELLO ***** bmw 325 CI 2003 AND I AM WONDERING IF THEY DO A DIFFERENT COLOURED OIL DIP STICK FOR MY CAR ! Because the bottom of mine is brown I cannot see the oil level on it when I top up my engine oil
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: BMW
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
or is their something I can do to mine so I can see where it can show me the oil level is on it.
Expert:  Robert replied 2 years ago.
Pretty much all BMW's have had that coloured brownish red plastic dipstick which can be a little difficult to read sometimes....changed and checked oil in these for so long - but they do have notches to tell you what level the oil should be though...
obviously the top most notch will be the full mark and lowest being the low oil level mark..oil level mark very near to the top mark on the end of the stick after running the engine for a few seconds after oil and oil filter change is the proper level - The best way any other time to check is to leave the engine idle for about 30minutes/car on level ground and then pull the dipstick clean it off and reinsert and pull out again and you should see the level fairly well - but if your in a well lit garage etc then it should be easily seen..or use/check with a bright LED torch over the end and you'll see it...
Or if you have any blue roll or white kitchen towel..clean dipstick off first then reinsert and pull out then lay the end of the dipstick on the flat blue roll or kitchen towel and just roll it gently to the side and it will leave an imprint/blot of the oil level on the square of blue roll and so you can compare the level that way to the dipstick next to it..or check it against a white background
Ive heard of people painting them,white or yellow or red..but you really do need a very good paint to adhear to the plastic and withstand the high oil temps hence why sometimes that doesnt work and just flakes off which you dont want..or seen on one occassion rough up the end of the stick with a mild sandpaper and thus giving the plastic end a slightly lighter/less glossy appearance..might be something to try...but never been aware of any aftermarket dipsticks for that engine or BMW their selfs selling differant coloured ones to be honest..always been the same one you have currently...
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
ok thank you and I always clean it when I take it out but even then when I put it back in and pull it out again it is still difficult to see it on their and iv already bought some sand paper to try that first , anyway thank you. marie
Expert:  Robert replied 2 years ago.
Thats fine glad to help.. But i know exactly what you mean locating the mark on these dipsticks, BMW isnt the only one to have issues like me if you do them alot then you get to know the level and used to checking the marks..The only other thing you could buy another one and just use it as "level checker" and then paint the end of it white/yellow with some enamel paint or use car paint and spray it white or yellow let it fully dry off for a few days and then just use that for checking the level your just using it as level checker stick rather then just replace the one you have in it you just pull out the one you have..use the second one with the white end and dip that in..pull it out and then check your level..if ok? then just put your other one without the white paint back in...and leave that level checker dipstick in the boot etc..might be one idea.....I do hope this helps further.. please dont forget to rate my answer as above..most appreciated
Expert:  Robert replied 2 years ago. you still require any help?