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I drive a 2007 BMW 320i coupe. I recently broke down in

Customer Question

I drive a 2007 BMW 320i coupe. I recently broke down in Glasgow and since it was a sunday and I was desperate I had to use a local mechanic there. The car was misfiring badly and I wasnt getting much throttle response. I was told that one of my injectors were faulty and it was replaced. The car is running ok now but I still get the occasional misfire. The mechanic also told me that another injector was weak and could give in anytime. Should I get it replaced or should I continue driving my car hoping that nothing is going to happen. If I do need to get it replaced can you recomend a garage near south London or even anywher in London please.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: BMW
Expert:  Robert replied 2 years ago.
Might of been wise to actually get the Galsgow based garage/mechanic to replace that other defective injector if thats the cause too beside the failed injector that was replaced..Id asume you would be driving the car from Glasgow to London..and with a missfire i in my opinion wouldnt of advised that to be honest..the problem being if that injector is faulty it could be causing an overfuelling issue which can result in cat converter failure or increase fuel usage.or cause bore wash/filling the sump with fuel or be it fail completely all resulting in loss of power missfire due to that cylinder not firing...Its entirely your choice what option you take...we generally cant advise on a specific garage in and around London but the best option we give to anyone is to visit this website or paste into your browser this
( )
that way you can find one or a reputable one based on rating..i do hope this helps
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your reply. I definitely agree that getting the mechanic in Glasgow to replace the other injector would have been the wise thing to do but I was only told about it when I went to collect the car. I drove the car down to London with no problems and have been driving it regularly since. I have noticed that fuel consumption has actually improved since then. The misfire happens very occasionally and not every time the car is driven. Would you recomend I get the injector replaced asap?
Expert:  Robert replied 2 years ago.

Might be worth at least testing all the remianing injectors first to see if the said injector on what ever cylinder is has an intermittent fault..normally thats the best procedure then just dive in with replacing it...I know it might not show anything now due to what your saying being intermittent so it might be just aswell to continue to drive it in the mean time until as such the problem does start to show up more frequent so to speak...I think thats probably the best thing you can do in the mean time - unless the option as suggested in getting all tested to see which one they refered to as weak..and then take it from there... One thing you may want to try is put a fuel injector cleaner into the fuel tank and run that through that might help resolve the issue.worth a try can get these a pretty much any good local motor factors...