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Robert, BMW Technician
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My 318 ti is very smokey when the engine is warmed up,what

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my 318 ti is very smokey when the engine is warmed up,what do you think the problem might be

Can you tell what colour is the smoke and by how much?

Any other issues with how the engine runs generally?

Any warning lights up on the instrument panel since this occurred?

How many miles on it?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

The smoke is blue.I had a machanic who put a new timing chain and he put new rings that was supposed fix the problem.there is hundred and twelve thousand miles on the clock


Ok..there could many factors for that to happen..and obviously piston rings would be a last resort - id say as a first step at least before strip down would be to confirm the correct grade of oil was in the engine - the pcv "positive crank vent system,check valve wasnt faulty" and allowing oil to be ingested under induction stroke - that if all confirmed to be in ok.then next stage is checking for top end valve stem seal failure..its normally more common for that to happen..obviously in your case you have eliminated at least 2 possible causes the headgasket "i asume was replaced" and the rings including the oil control rings - unless one of your bores are shot causing the issue..maybe get a compression test done on it again on all cylinders and see what the readings are based on the manufacturers spec for that engine..your mechanic should have access to those through technical data...unless there an issue with the pcv the only other thing based on waht you had done already would leave the cylinderhead needing reworked/new seals etc..
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