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Just bought a bmw 320ci sports what are the things you should

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just bought a bmw 320ci sports what are the things you should check that might need doing. also does a timing chain last a life time on this car
Whats its current mileage and repair/service history like?
Reg number?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
reg is ry04kxh the mileage is 70.000seems to have a full service history
Ok..from that i can see the engine is the M54 6 cyl - generally speaking and from experiance these engines arent all that bad to be honest..they very rarely have issue with the timing chain as such and some can last upto 150,000miles before considering getting it changed out if your planning keeping the car longer..but as long as you keep to the regular/yearly oil/filter changes "depending on use of course" you shouldnt have much to be concerned about as far as that goes...they can tend to sprout small oil leaks..but normally other than vanos seals - thats due to the top cam cover seal,sometimes you get like oil smell into the cabin if thats the case.oil in the sparkplug tubes..again cause by the cam cover o-ring anytime you do get the plugs changed out inspect the ends of the coils for oil - PCV/vac system leaks can be common but normally if that happens the ecu will pick up on that,so you may want to go around and check basically all hoses/vacuum system/pcv for cracks or splits - crank sensor issue's can be common cant really check that unless you have scan tool but if it fails it will not allow the car to start or cut out even...Front belt checks are vital considering the water pump is driven off that..any small cracks in the ribs..get it changed..same with the air con pump belt if fitted..overall the engine is pretty sound as long you keep it serviced/coolant replaced etc if it hasnt been done and checked it should last a good while without any major issues - Battery condition is must on have it load tested - halfords might do that for you if you dont have a battery load tester. Obviously you'll have wear and tear items which you would need to check for example discs/pads / suspension arm bush wear / strut shock leaks/ springs for cracks on lower base / droplinks can be a common problem so any thumping over rough ground will likely point to them - another body check is the bonnet latch.cables fully inspect those are these can fail alot so grease up tthe you dont want a cable breaking as they will likely have to break through the front grill to get the bonnet open... I note your cars CABRIO so certainly ensure the roof is operational and often lack of use can tend to cause problems with long as it opened and shut a few times a month to keep things moving it should be ok..I do hope this helps..if you require to ask antyhing further then just continue before you rate
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.