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I have just bought a BMW X3 E83 2.5 SE. It has full history

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I have just bought a BMW X3 E83 2.5 SE. It has full history and all seemed fine until I had the rear tyres replaced yesterday. I recalibrated the tire pressure sensor as per the hand book but I m now experiencing the DSC 4 X 4 light flashing orange indicating the DSC is kicking in when going round a roundabout. It goes off again when I leave the roundabout and is fine. I've only driven a couple of miles literally on the new tyres and since recalibrating the tyre pressure sensor so.... is this normal and will the system get used to the new tyres after its been driven a more substantial distance? I believe that the pressure sensor recalibrates whilst the car is being driven so this would seem to be a possibility ?
How worn were the tyres you replaced?
How worn are the remaining from tyres?
What are the sizes or both the front and rear tyres?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
All four tyres are the same size 235/50 R18. The tyres I replaced were odd so I wanted a matching pair and one although not leaking had a nail in it. The tears are obviously new now and the fronts have about 5mm.
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This is not related to the tyre pressure sensors. They cannot trigger a dsc/abs warning.
The problem is most likely the difference in tyre circumference. Although minimal, it is likely enough that in cornering, the traction control system perceives enough of a difference in wheel rotation speeds to think the vehicle is slipping, and thus intervenes.
Replacing the front tyres with tyres identical to the rear should remedy the issue.
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