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I have a BMW Series M Sport 118 (2 litre engine) - When I reach

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I have a BMW Series M Sport 118 (2 litre engine) - When I reach 70+ there is jugger. Could this be the tyres? They have just been balanced.
What are the best run flat tyres I can get this give the softest ride?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
It's a one series
How do you mean "jugger"? A vibration through the steering you mean? or the steering wobbles from left to right or vice versa?
Has this been sudden issue or ones that gradually got worse?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Sorry judder - It doesn't vibrate through the steering - PERHAPS, it could be it's the noise of the hood as it's a soft top.I have had the car for 2 weeks and it was AA inspected and has just been serviced and looked at by a BMW specialist.It's fine the rest of the time
Normally with tyre issues / unbalanced or damaged linings or buckled alloys - can all tend to cause a vibration or wobble in the steering once you reach a certain speed ie:- upto 60mph+ is normally when you can feel it in the steering more so..I note you mention run flats..well these are totally differant type of tyre as they have strenghtened side walls.and this can in sense cause a little more or harder ride..but the side walls are like that so in the event of a puncture the sides walls then take the weight or to prevent the tyre going fully flat for you to continue to drive to a tyre centre etc..this can then depending on the situation or road condition damage the side walls..and thus require fully replacement.. I couldnt see the soft top creating a judder effect..normally if its not closing or fully locked down you tend to get wind noise at say at least operate the soft top and fully open it then fully close..and then see if that helps..but like i say softs tops dont create juddering faults at speed.... There maybe a few things to check but id imagine your BMW specialist would of checked this..for example..possible clutch/dmf issues,especially so it the judder appears under hard throttle or load - Centre propshaft.inspection of the rubber vibration damper between the gearbox flange and the propshaft flange or where it bolts the gearbox output flange - mountings at gearbox,engine for deterioation in the rubber mounts..If the engine seems to run smoothly enough then you can sort of take that out of the echeck list..but id say maybe as above those areas would be inlsected at least...... I do hope this helps..If you require to ask anything further the please do before you rate
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