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Robert, BMW Technician
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Can you suggest a suitable Battery Jump Starter 9yr.

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Can you suggest a suitable Battery Jump Starter for our 9yr. old 325i Auto coupe. Doesn't get used too often (only done 30,000) it try's but doesn't want to start. It's always kept in a garage.
Hi..there.. There are alot of Jump starter packs out there - of course in the motortrade like myself we use not only direct from breakdown van but also use booster packs..normally the best ones we use is the clarke 4000 jumpstarter..its expensive but would certainly help with jump can get smaller ones of thr same brand.but they do need to be constantly plugged in for charging - so id say your best bet would be to look around the likes of Halfords or even Machine Mart if you have one locally...if its a trickle charger to hook upto the car whilst its not in use for long periods of time then i suggest getting the "CTEK battery charger/conditioner (model: XS0.8)" or similar..this would basically hook to the battery and monitors its state and charge when need be..its runs off the mains so you can leave it hooked to the cars battery for a long period of time until you come to use the car or you get it certainly id say it would be best idea to get one of them if the cars garaged next to your i say Halfords sell them..I do hope this helps
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks Robert, much better idea to have a constant trickle charge. Should definitely solve the the problem.
Again, many thanks for a prompt solution.
Ron P.