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My 85 year old Dad took his BMW 3 series diesel estate in

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Hi - my 85 year old Dad took his BMW 3 series diesel estate in for a service last week. Two warning lights had appeared just a week or so before with the handbook saying brake fluid low and stability control should be checked soon. The car was driving, braking etc., normally so far as my Dad could tell. A man rang from the garage rang later on Thursday, saying that there was a fault with the hydraulics unit controlling ABS, cornering stability etc. and that the unit with its associated electronics had to be replaced, that this was an uncommon fault with no spare in the UK, so that it would have to be sent from Germany, taking 5-7 working days before they could start work, that part and fitting would cost £2245. I am really worried my Dad is being ripped off - he is 85 and vulnerable - can you help?
Hi..there.. How old is the Car? Was there an actual ABS warning on when these warnings cropped up..did the garage top up the brake fluid?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi - Car is 10 years old. There were two warming lights on, one saying braking fluid low, the other saying potential fault with stability control. Garage has not yet topped up break fluid
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Car has only done 44,000 miles
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Car at the BMW garage now, they are about to send off to Germany for the spare part (if they have not done so already)
Why havent they topped the brake fluid off? that would of verfied that fault eliminated by topping off if the warning went off unless there was an actual leak on the system or the brake pads are worn thin thus more fluid is taken from the reservior because the brake pistons have to travel further?..As far as stability control it does go or actually work in tandem with the ABS system as that how its works or get its info..normally if the stability control is faulty then the ABS will normally flag up to as faulty too...its pretty hard to determine exactly without knowing what faults codes they got when they diagnosed and verfied the fault..but having said that.. there are many well known places in the UK that maybe able to repair that unit and lots less cost to yourself..that i dont understand wasnt actually considered based on the age of the car... like this website listed here
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
if I give you phone number of my Dad can you give him a call?
Well normally i dont really take the phone side of things on this site as i work within a busy garage...but it where me and the garage above as you mention hasnt removed anything from the car as of yet and havent sourced the part yet either.. then your still within your rights or your dad even to get a second opinion on the issue certainly with the amount of money thats being shelled out here and based too that these units can maybe be repaired at a fraction of the cost within the UK itself..there's nothing to say why that cant be an option here or to discuss with the company above as per the link i provided..
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
ok - thanks Rob - I am really grateful for that advice. I just spoke to my Dad and he agreed on Friday that they could source the part. Whoops. But he is going to go back to them now and ask all the questions you suggested. If there is still a problem then he will investigate whether he can get it repaired instead of replaced. He is 85 years old, just lost his wife and vulnerable so I hope they treat him with some compassion.