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Matt, Mechanical Engineer
Category: BMW
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I own a 1999 E46 318i SE Saloon with 226,000 miles covered.

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I own a 1999 E46 318i SE Saloon with 226,000 miles covered.
l'm thinking its time for an engine rebuild using all genuine BMW parts and wonder if you could give me an estimate for parts and labour.
The car gives approximately 35mpg running exclusively on Shell V Power Nitro ULD however unsurprisingly the engine is feeling tired.
Can you help give me some idea.
John W


typically you would replace the following:

pistons & rings and bore crankcase + 1 oversize to clean up the bore

valves & springs

cam shaft and tappets

crank bearings - usually + 1 oversize having ground the crank to remove any damage

new oil pump

plus sundries such as head gasket, timing chain, seals etc

in parts this comes to about £600 + another £300 in machining cost to rebore the block and grind the crank

then allow 2 days labour to remove and refit the engine and then another 2 days to strip and rebuild the engine

this would be spread over a couple of weeks usually

so if your garage charges £60 / hour labour then 4 x 8 hours =32 x 60 = £1920

what is often more cost effective is to find a good used engine from a BMW breakers and fit that

alternatively source a remanufactured engine that will take yours as exchange so there's no hanging about or machining cost

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