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Matt, Mechanical Engineer
Category: BMW
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Experience:  BEng hons Mech engineering, in auto industry 22 years
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I have a BMW E46 coupe 330ci club sport 2003 purple.

Customer Question

I have a BMW E46 coupe 330ci club sport 2003 purple. Apparently very rare?!?! Ive had this car for only 2yrs now but it's giving me constant empty pockets. Spent thousands on asthetics and only now realising that it's not all about the look that's important but the performance. And now my gear box keeps slipping into nuetrul. I would pull over and wait for 5mins (I'm thinking to cool down) anyway it works after 5mins but will shut down at least 3-4 more times before reaching home. I've taken it to one garage who replaced the clutch but didn't screw the propeller shaft probably which made a heavy vibrating sound which then I went to get my wheels checked and they said it's not the wheels. So I took my car to another garage who then quoted me £780 to change the propeller shaft,
Look! I know nothing about BMW and if other garages are conning / ripping me of! All i know is that I should of gone to BMW themself???
I've spent so much money on it I don't know if I should sell her and get something newish or keep her and fix her up slowly?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: BMW
Expert:  Steve replied 1 year ago.
Hi, can you please clarify what our question is? Do you want to know if you should sell the car or fix it up?