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I have put £15 unleaded in my diesel BMW which is a FE 118d

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I have put £15 unleaded in my diesel BMW which is a FE 118d SE 5-door sports hatch. I bought it in Nov 2015, it has a '65' plate. I had a little diesel in the tank, showing half way between empty and quarter full. I realised & stopped filing, but open and shut the central locking when I had to pay for the fuel. I got the BMW emergency recovery out who put it on a loader pushing it from the petrol garage forecourt, he told me to turn the ignition on (touch button) to get the wheel lock off but I did not start the car. It was taken to dealership I bought it from. They have said they're are metal filings in the fuel, damaging the pump and injectors. That it can't just be flushed through & will have to be stripped down with new parts. At the desk when I took it in I was told it might cost £300 a £5,500. One they looked at it with the above diagnosis they said it would be £8,000. He suggested my insurance would cover it, I said I might want a second opinion which he discouraged and said an insurance assessor might be sent. When I speak to friends and their car mechanics about mis-fuel, also my insurer (I'm not covered) and the AA all are incredulous and imply or say this is not right. I never started the car, there should not be this amount of damage. Can you help in any way?


Is this first time the car has ever been missfuelled?

Was the car running ok prior to this missfuel?

And are you sure the dealership didnt start the car once it was left with them?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi I've never mis fuelled before, only had the car since Nov 2015, it was running perfectly and has been lovely to drive.The car was out of my sight once it was taken to the BMW garage service area but the guy who loaded it onto to the recovery truck knew what happened & not to start it/what I'd done with the fuel. He pushed it up to the recovery truck.Will the on board computer tell me if it was started later that day or any other day?Why would BMW say there are metal filings in the fuel tank?


Its seems rather strange how all that damage could occur buy filling up with petrol by mistake..and not even start the engine up... What should of been done here onthe outset was to drain the fuel tank out onsite..theres lots specialised companies who can do that and if not BMW should of done once the car was in their pocession...then refill the tank half way with diesel this means that any tiny amount of petrol/residue that may still within the tank will get diluted..and shouldnt have any adverse effect on the engine.....Of course metal filings can be a sign that wear has occured on one of the pumps either within the tank or the high pressure on the engine over a period of time of running..but of course if they should also inspect the fuel filter as thats normally the first thing to check or even replace during a missfuel....I doubt the computer would in all honesty..but you should enquire/investigate if the car was started coming off the recovery vehicle or in to the workshop..that may of coused that.. I genuinely cant see how all that damage could of occurred if the car was never started when it was loaded on to the would take a short while of running on the wong fuel to cause that amount of damage/cost...A second opinion could be to way forward..

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