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Robert, BMW Technician
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You answered a question on my BMW mis-fuel 118d. My other

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Hi Robert you answered a question on my BMW mis-fuel 118d. My other half went & saw manager, they are insisting for no impact to warrantee & the only way they can guarantee no problems is for them to do works of £8,5k. We're not going to do this, we thought we'd get a drain down but also consider if we did need to sensibly replace any parts that might help to limit our risk to issues now unlikely to be covered under warrantee. What parts would you think might be sensible to consider replacing? I have the car under a finance lease deal for another 3 Yrs and my only other option is to hand it in and take a big hit on depreciation loss. Thanks again for any help


How did they know there was metal filings in the tank if they havent drained it off yet or even insepcted inside the tank..have they checked the fuel filter to see these filings..normally thats the first place you see this..and if the you and the recovery company can corroborate that the car was never started on pick up and during drop off then as youll understand how can that much damage as they are saying be caused in such a short space of time from being winched up onto a recovery truck and then rolled off and pushed onto the BMW forecourt/ cant really in my opinion,.you may want to get further advice from trade/standards....If it was to which parts..ideally from the main filter back to the tank..if the main filter has done its job to prevent any metal particles reach the injection pump/injectors etc then hopefully you should be fine..the tank has to be drained out and cleaned out thoroughly,removed even../lift pump may have to be replaced and or cleaned the fuel lines from the tank to main filter and back need replaced..the filter housing cleaned out thouroughly and the filter replaced...

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