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Robert, BMW Technician
Category: BMW
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I have a 3.20i e90 2005 reg. just had service done and oil

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I have a 3.20i e90 2005 reg. just had service done and oil change. When I check the oil level on the computer it shows it's just under half, garage says they changed oil and refilled. There are no oil leaks, does it take a while for the computer to calculate the final oil level or did they maybe not put enough? Would be good to get your thoughts.


Well you would hope they put the correct amount of oil in,if they are a respected garage then that shouldnt be an issue here. However its quite well known that these can take a short while to re-learn the level again..normally what ive seen when ive done them and of course "reset the oil life indicator on the idrive" which i persume you have carried out or your garage should of done,there is lots of information online to that which you may want to look up yourself or within your owners to after an oil change or top up say, you need to get the car up to operating temp let it sit at an idle for 10min-15min or so before the oil level indicator will read the new level..but normally driving around for upto normally see the level suddenly re-learn its level..there a level sensor which is bolted to the oil pan..this is what reads the level..sometimes these can be quite common for failure worth bearing that in mind..its should prevent you using the it only a level sensor..but as long as the garage has indeed filled to the correct level..then id advise, checking the oil life service indicator has been reset - maybe driving it around for a bit and see how that goes..or leave it at idle for 15mins, it should re-learn..failing that.then steps need to be taken to inspect that level sensor or replace even..sadly doing that means dropping the oil again..hope this helps

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Hi..If you have anything further or anything else to add then just ask...

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
You mentioned there that I should drive the car around for a bit and see what the oil level reads. I haven't had any issues with oil sensors in the past. The car is 2005 so it doesn't have idrive. you said it should prevent you driving the car did you mean it shouldn't prevent me driving the car?

Ok..Have oyu tried reseting the oil service? details should be noted in your owners manual..if not then i can find them for you..but your garage should of done this after the oil change was done or at least checked it.... Yes for the level sensor to re-learn the level you need to get the oil upto temperature which means using the car for set 20miles or so..and it should reset..if not then if the oil service reset has been done then you'll need to have the level sensor checked you should be able to drive the car enough for it to re-learn the oil level..once its has done then you can continue to use the car as normal

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
Hi I just have a follow up question please. I took put 1litre of oil into the car and the level has now gone up on the reader. I noticed when pouring it in there was some oil initially coming out on the left hand side this only lasted for a few seconds and then stopped as I continued to poor the oil in. The garage didn't see any leaks so I wonder what that could be? Also the engine cover which sits on top of where you put the oil is a little loose but I don't think this would cause anything to leak.


I see ok..well intially i would of expected the garage concerned to have ensured the oil was enough put considering what has been said to reset this or at least allow the level sensor to re-learn..if the car has been used or you have followed the directions i mentionedabove and nothing has changed....and thus you now state that after putting in 1 litre of oil has brought the level reader aware you dont want to be possibiliy overfilling..then thats sounds to me that level in the engine isnt enough or at least checks need to be made here to ensure it is...whether this means going back to the garage or have another check this out before you sustaine any possible damage to the engine itself..then i d say that would be your best option here..

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
What about some oil pouring out the side when I was topping up the oil? Can that happen I did just pour it in very quickly.

Yes..the plastic BMW cover is cosmetic..under that cover you have the cam cover/ignition coils..sometimes if you fill too quickly it can over spill round the oil filler and its seep down under the plastic cover and out the side/corner area or the cam long as wipe the excess away it should be fine...

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
it looked like it was coming out from the cylinder when I was pouring into the engine but it only came out a bit when I poured and then as I continued pouring it stopped, I have inspected the area and nothing is leaking there, so I might have spilled?

Most likely yes.your supposed to use a funnel that takes up the oil filler oriface to prevent spillage..

if often happens over spill..but as long you stop and dont continue and clean up the excess and fill slowly you should be fine..

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
What happens if you don't clean up the excess? Does the oil just dry up? will just burn away,dry up when the engine gets would do any damage but you may on a few occassions smell a little burning oil.but if the majority is cleaned off as best you can then leave it at that.unless you want to remove the plastic cover and check underneath..then you wont have anything to worry about..

Robert, BMW Technician
Category: BMW
Satisfied Customers: 4708
Experience: Fully qualified 19+yrs exp/self employed technician in the UK
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