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Bmw 118d sport coupe if my tyre pressure light is on will

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bmw 118d sport coupe
if my tyre pressure light is on will the engine light come on also if there is a problem with the engine or service is due?


It shouldnt cause the engine light to come on unless you do indeed have an engine management/emissions problem..if a fault is current on the the tpms runs through the abs system and montiors the rotational speed of each wheel to calculate the psi in each need to ensure the all 4 tyres have even pressure..which needs to be checked on a cold tyre where you will get a more accurate reading...the service due will come up o the centre info screen and is determind by once the set mileage is reached then you will get the images of desired service needed..wether that be the oil change , brakes , brake fluid etc..this any help

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Customer: replied 9 months ago.
The light for tyre pressure was on but the service light did not come on and now my garage is saying its gone over the service and will cost €3k so my question is can the two lights come on together?
Customer: replied 9 months ago.
ok so the tyre pressure light was on because the tyres had been changed but the light had not been reset. However the service was overdue but this light did not come on and the garage is saying the two lights cannot come on together is this correct? they now say it will cost €3k to fix engine because service was overdue
Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Is mechanic still available for this conversation?

Hi..the tyre pressure montioring should be reset after tyre change..your garage should know this and reset accordingly after which!... I dont quite understand why your facing a bill of 3K because your service is overdue,cant you detail more about that and what exactly they are saying is worng with the engine?..ive done countless bmw's and other makes and models with slightly overdue service reminders.and never come across any damaged engines....The TPMS and service light wont come on will have tpms warning on the dash if a tyre is low on air..