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My bmw 1 series sometimes loses power then the engine

Customer Question

Hi my bmw 1 series sometimes loses power then the engine management light comes on which also causes the car 2 shake when I turn the car off and on again the light goes off and cars fine it also judders when excelerating sometimes aswel it's recently had a new coil pack thankyou
Submitted: 6 months ago.
Category: BMW
Expert:  Robert replied 6 months ago.


Do you have any idea what "fault codes" are being logged when the EML come up or have you had someone scan the car yet?

Was the coil replaced a genuine one?

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
The coil pack was replaced by a BMW specialist garage a couple months back but no-one has scanned car this problem
Expert:  Robert replied 6 months ago.

I see ok..Well as advised that would be the best place to start ideally - if the EML is flagging up then fault codes will be stored within the ECU..and that will give an idea what kind of problem you maybe looking at..pretty much any good garage would do that "scan" the ecu first... It possible you may have another ignition coil has gone..each cylinder has its own coil so they need to narrow down which cylinders its on..scanning the ecu would help with that...another thing they should be checking for is vaccum leaks/evap/ intakes leaks..pretty much any bmw engine can suffer from that due to the brittle plastic they use on the connections for these its certainly worth having these checked for sure..they can also suffer from from Vanos , vanos control solinoid issues..but going by your description i dont think its that..but it certainly sounds like another coil maybe breaking down causing the missfire under load or its worth getting that verified at least by knowing the codes and then take it from there..hope this helps