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Matt, Mechanical Engineer
Category: BMW
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I've got a 2002 x5 diesel with the m57 engine it's developed

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Hi I've got a 2002 x5 diesel with the m57 engine it's developed like a misfire stroke rough idle I've had it on the impa and they come up with injector cylinder one error message also glow plug or relay error I've replaced all the glow plugs and that has cleared that error. But I'm still getting the injector cylinder 1 error I've had 4 injectors refurbed and the other ones are new so didn't do them. Rebuilt everything and the car started running fine for about a day and the got the same error injector cylinder 1 so I swooped injector 1 with injector 3 to see if the falt moved the car ran fine for half a day and now it come back with the same error code injector cylinder 1 again guessing it's not the cylinder it's self as the problem would stay and not be fine for a day and come back ?? Do you have any ideas

Hello and welcome to Just Answer

Sounds like you've already done a lot of good work

so I'd say you've narrowed it down to the injector wiring harness or a fault with the ECU or a bad earth connection

So I've begin with the last one as that's cheap and easy

just check the main earth wire between the battery and chassis and engine are all tight and clean with no corrosion on any joints

there will also be a smaller earth wire that runs out of hte engine bay loom and is secured to the engine with ring terminals

check these also

if thats OK then I'd disconnect the ECU and do a continuity test between the no.1 injector socket and the ECU socket

the wire resistance should only be 2-3 ohms

any more than this will give issues

if that checks out then I'd say to send the ECU off for testing at one of these firms

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Thanks Matt

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you i thought it could be electrical fault I'll get on it now and have a look I've also checked the fuse on top of the fuse box in the glove box and that's fine too.


just get back to me on here

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Kk I will do many thanks