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Hi. Ihave a Seadoo GTX RFI 2002 model. Whilst using it yesterday

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Hi. Ihave a Seadoo GTX RFI 2002 model. Whilst using it yesterday it stopped and would not start again. I got it back on the trailer and turned it over and over and then reluctantly it started but only on one cylinder. I have changed the plugs but this has not helped. Any ideas?
Chris : Hello how are you?
Chris : how have you determined it's only running on 1 cylinder? What cylinder is it running on?
The chat was experiencing technical issue, I have changed the question to the format in hopes we can better communicate.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Chris. I now have some more information for you. I have a little knowledge of marine engines as I used to build high performance race engines but that was way back in 1980 before EFI was about. It was all carburators in those days. The cylinder not firing is No1 ( the one closest to the front of the ski). I have taken the plugs back out and turned it over with the plugs resting on the cylinder head. Both plugs are sparking good health sparks. The No 1 plug showed no signs of use as both plugs are brand new but it was clear to see that the No 2 plug had been working. I think that this may point to a fuel issue. There is over half a tank of fuel on board so I'm now lost.



Thanks for the info. That model only runs on 1 cylinder at an idle, it is a very strange design but that's the way it works (emissions). If you have a cylinder with low compression on a cylinder, or battery voltage is low, this problem will occur. Next step is to check compression and battery voltage, as well as voltage with the engine above idle to determine if the charging system is functioning, you likely not find 14.5 charging volts like a car, it should be right around 13.25 or better. Below is a link you can use for some additional info.
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