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Jeremy R
Jeremy R, Mechanic
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Does a Yamaha gp800r jetski need or would u recommend an

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Does a Yamaha gp800r jetski need or would u recommend an engine rebuild at 100 hours use

Hi, I'm Jeremy I'll help with your quesiton.

The answer is it depends, Has it run on good oil it's whole life, never overheated and is it all stock?

If the answer to those is yes then no there's no gain in rebuilding it.
It would not necessarily gain you anything.
The best maintenance you should do at this point would be to rebuild the carburetors and replace all the oil lines.
The most common reason for a 2 stroke to blow is from a oil line that became brittle and broke so the engine starved for oil and seized.
I hope that helps.

Customer: replied 12 months ago.
Have been offered a 2005 model on 80 hours but have no idea on what maitanance or oil used however have test run ski and ran ok is it a gamble as can't afford to be spending any big money on it thanks

It's a gamble only because it's 12 soon to be 13 years old.
If it runs ok I would have someone do a compression test on the engine. That will tell you if the engine mechanically is in good condition for the most part.
Then I would still highly recommend rebuilding the carbs and replacing the oil lines.
If you have a shop do this it should cost around $250 and that would be the most important thing you could do to preserve it's condition.

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