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Please could you advise me on the best way to set up a

Customer Question

Please could you advise me on the best way to set up a meeting with a professional person on LinkedIn. I offer musical entertainment, and so the people I should aim myself at are event managers at hotels. What is the best way to get their attention, so that I can offer them value for their clients?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Business
Expert:  Businessstar replied 1 year ago.

LinkedIn is a great resource, but I think we can both agree that most of the time 'landing a job' or a 'gig' in your case, is about connections. I think you should use your LinkedIn profile and see if you have any 2nd or 3rd connections to anyone working in the hotel management industry. If you do, then perhaps contacting the person you know that connects you two via LinkedIn (the 1st connection), and asking them about that person (2nd or 3rd connection) and their job for some background information would be helpful. Next, you can contact that connection and perhaps use the person you both know as the conversation stimulus, and go from there. In addition to doing this, perhaps uploading a sample of your musical entertainment on your LinkedIn page would also be helpful. You may also want to do this on YouTube. I hope this information helps and good luck! Please rate my answer so I receive credit for my work.