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I have been on disability for 21 yrs. insurance company says

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I have been on disability for 21 yrs. insurance company says there is "no wording" with regards ***** ***** of living adjustment in agreement signed when joined company.have asked for copy of what I signed.employer and insurer are evasive. I have had to leave Canada because I can not afford to live there. insurance is to ensure my income. cost of living has increased 49% since disabled. what do I do, union? company (Canada's largest energy co.)? or insurance co. (multi-national)?
Thank you for your question. My goal is to provide you with the best possible answer.

To achieve that goal it may be that I will find that I need to gather further information from you. As well, it's quite possible that you may feel the need to ask me additional questions for further clarification.

But, please understand that as a careful lawyer I will always give you an honest answer even if the answer is sometimes not what you were hoping for.

Have you looked at the policy?

Are you saying that you were in a union before you went on disability?

Why did you live this for so long?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

the company is Suncor Energy. The insurer Sun Life Financial. I was classified permanently disabled in '94. my illness "classic paranoid schytsiphenia" I lived with family through out my illness. I followed all reqirements of insurer. 2 years ago, I got "my voice" and said no to family abuse, financial,emotional. I had to leave the home.could not afford to live in fort mcmurray, or alberta. asked sun life if I could move to mexico, they said yes, received in writing. I have been quite taken abuse from all pretty much all my life. now I am saying no more. I asked sunlife for copy of agreement, they said ask employer, spoke to lynn Robertson at suncor, tried to keep my information to myself, she was evasive.i saw a link, can not find now, where a copy of a contract must be provided when asked for, she said people on holiday will take time, then sent e-mail saying basically no COLA cost of living adjustment. I said thanks.i have used credit cards to try to live now I am at a point where what ever happens I feel I was not treated correctly. I do not know by who, the union or company or the insurer for not making basic allowance for cost of living increase. I do get CPP from government and they have made adjustments from the start

You should contact the union first. Explain the facts and ask if there was a cost of living increase in the contract when you first became employed.

If they cannot help then ask the employer for a copy of the agreement.

If they won't help then you may need to retain a lawyer to send the insurance company and possibly the union and the employer a letter threatening a lawsuit.

You can also seek some help with the insurance company here:
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