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CANADA LAW - Real Estate - Property Management; My daughter

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CANADA LAW - Real Estate - Property Management; My daughter is renting the apartment in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Her rental agreement indicates NO Pets policy, however she requires emotional support animal for her health condition. Also, she has a doctor’s
notice that she need emotional support animal. She was thinking getting a cat but wasn't sure if emotional support animal is going to be permitted by property management, can you tell me what is the Law regulation regarding this matter? Can emotional support
animal be permitted in the building, under what conditions? Thanks
While the Residential Tenancies Act allows for landlords to forbid pets the law is that this doesn't apply to service animals. It is in fact unlawful for a landlord to discriminate against a tenant that has a service animal. But it is not simply the case that the landlord has to agree because there is a note from a doctor and then decides to get a cat. The landlord is entitled to a medical report that states that she requires a service animal and then the landlord has to have proper documentation that the pet is such a service animal. I suggest that you or your daughter contact the Human Rights Commission and ask how you can best document your daughter's needs and how you can obtain a pet that is considered to be a service animal for your daughter.
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