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Are car parts numbered and registered to specific cars? As

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Are car parts numbered and registered to specific cars? As in , is it possible to track a gear box to an original car if it is a replacement?

Hi my name is ***** ***** am here to assist you Today a gearbox will have a code related to the engine what is the vehicle we are discussing.

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Hi Gavin , thanks for trying to help. I bought a second hand car a couple of years ago (Chrysler voyager- they stopped making them , so I have no choice but to buy second hand now) . It seemed a great car, but within days it developed a problem. After a good deal of arguing the garage agreed to either try and resolve it or refund my money . (The car had done 63,000 miles ) . They said it was a gearbox problem and that they would replace the gearbox. They said they had sourced one which had done 43,000 miles and that they would fit this. I agreed, but asked for proof of mileage / last car details etc. None were given nor provided . After asking on a number of occasions I gave up. I had the car for a few months , when another problem developed, which turned out to be a cog braking off in the gears and resulted in me having to rebuild the gearbox at the cost of £3500. (At a transmission specialist, not the original garage ) . Shortly after having it back it seemed to develop what I thought was a fuel issue ?, it started to almost stall if I came to a stop after each long journey, & on occasion did stall , but would re-start again. However the last time it took ages to start and I ended up taking back to my local garage who look after it. I left it with them saying ‘just sort it out!?’.. they drove it for a few days and the conclusion is they believe it to be a gearbox / transmission problem . The frustrating point is that due to Covid I have hardly used it, and it had a 12 month warranty on the re-Build . But because no one suggested another transmission issue, that warranty has now expired, and I am left with a car I daren’t drive. If I could prove that the original garage put a gearbox in that was older than they claimed (which I now suspect could be the issue possibly?) they obviously I would have a claim against them ? But how do I prove the age / original vehicle and possibly track any service history / mot mileage etc ?

Due to time reasons I will have to opt out and let another expert take over regards Gavin.

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Thank you!
Alina - Moderator
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
I’m happy to wait


The Transmission Assy will have a number on it rather like an Engine Number.  I don't believe however that Gearbox numbers are registered like Engine Numbers other than with the Manufacturer of the Vehicle.  It will be near impossible to trace the origins of the Gearbox.

I wouldn't entertain replacing a Gearbox with a second hand unit as you have no idea where it has come from or what it's history is.  You are much better off having your original gearbox rebuilt at a reputable repairer.



Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Thank you Phillip , what a shame


No problem at all.



Phillip H, Auto Mechanic
Category: Car Parts
Satisfied Customers: 510
Experience: Vehicle Technician at Richmond Motor Services
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